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What this world needs is a Co-operative, Dexterity, Dungeon crawl that makes you do silly things. Good job we have Dungeon Fighter then isn’t it?


In a nut shell you bounce dice off the table onto a target board to mash monsters up-side the face.

Each of you will take a silly character with some special powers and build a dungeon for your party to wander through. In each room, there is a monster to face, with a daft name, some health to extinguish and gold to grab when you have battered them. ‘Get to the point Bill, how do I do I batter them?’

Dice bouncing my dear child…dice bouncing. The dice must hit the table first and depending on where it hits on the target board you do damage, miss and you start to lose health. If the dice lands weird symbol up and you get to use your special powers. Dice bouncing is a skill you will learn to acquire. Its not one you can put on your CV, unless you are applying here (I will be impressed), but its odd that the more you play this the better you get at it.

You move from room to room beating up the monsters until you make it to the very big and bad boss monster. Beat him and you win…huzzah, what could be easier? Brain surgery for one. On Easy its well hard, on really hard its winning the lottery impossible, but thats all part of the fun.


Look carefully to see the special shots required to beat these guys. Rolling the dice off your nose for example!

If you run out of the health, you faint, but so long as one of you beats the monster then you move on, but with less life to start with and minus one special power. If you faint 3 times…game over man…if everyone faints fighting a monster, group game over man!

Help can be had by visiting stores on the way, which can give you health potions, shieldy stuff and weapons to lay some extra smackdown…but at a cost. Nothing comes for free here.

  • You can wear the helm of bravery, but must throw the dice with your eyes closed.
  • The Sword of Friendship give you a +2 bonus but you have to put the dice in your neighbors hand hold their wrist and throw it.
  • Rambo’s knife is cool, but you have to throw from under the table…and yes you can combine them i.e. throw with your eyes closed holding your friends wrist under the table, but you’ll miss 99% of the time.

Throwing behind the back, left-handed, with a catapult, bouncing twice on the table…..

The art is awesome and the humor is bang on and its a riotous good time. You’ll cheer louder than you thought possible when your mate pulls off that 1 in a 100 shot to kill the Crazy Cat lady and keep the party alive.

The components are top quality, with an utterly pointless tower to put the cards in and giant target board for shooting. If you like your games a bit silly, but still a real challenge, this is a game for you. Its hard son, so when you win there is definitely a sense of satisfaction when you finally do it. Something I have yet to do 🙁

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