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What exactly is a Board Game Cafe?

Its somewhere you can meet up with friends have some great food and drink and play board games. You can come have just a coffee and something to eat or stay and play games. We charge $5 per person to play games, but you can stay as long as you like and play as many games as you like. We are open till midnight Sun-Thurs and 1am on the weekends.

What kind of games?

We have a huge selection of games in our library that you are welcome to borrow. These range from classics like Pictionary and Scrabble to more modern European games such as Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne.

So how many games do you have in this library?

Approximately 800. Feel free to check out our selection here.

I don’t know how to play most of those games…

That’s OK, our game experts can help you there. We can teach you the rules to a wide variety of games and will help you answer any questions you have while you are playing them.

You’ll teach me how to play new games?

Yes we will. We will just ask you a few questions to see what kind of game you want to play (we have party, family, dexterity, strategy and co-operative games) and then we’ll teach you how to play it. Our goal is for you to have as much fun as possible playing whatever games you enjoy.

Can I bring my own games?

Yes you can, we have a huge selection of games but by no means do we have every one. If we don’t have it and you want to play it bring it down.

Can I reserve a table?

We will take a limited number of reservations for large groups of 6 or more. The latest we can take a reservation is 7.30. If you want to check our availability call us at 250 480 3979.

What if you’re full?

Since we expanded we have lots more space so wait lists will only happen on the busiest periods and be much shorter. We do understand we can get pretty busy so you  are welcome to call ahead and check out the state of affairs and put yourself on the wait list if one is running. This is one of the downsides of letting you stay as long as you want.

What about large groups?

We are now able to rent out our expanded side to large groups of 50 or more during the day and on quieter evenings. Please call us for more details.

Do you sell games as well?

Yes. We have all the latest titles available, as well as all the classics and a large selection of high quality Children’s games. Our inventory has over 900 titles

What kind of food and drink do you sell?

Our menu is here.

Where’s the booze fool?

Hopefully it’s on the way. We have applied for a liquor permit, but the soonest we will get it is Summer 2018.

If I’m by myself, how can I meet new people to play?

We have a Facebook page that you can join, post what kind of games you’d like to play and when you like to meet and see if anyone wants to join you.

Birthday Parties, cakes and stuff?

We make ice cream cakes. We no  need at least 24 hours to make the cake, so give us a shout to let us know and make a reservation.

Is it true that you make amazing milkshakes?

Heck yes! We make our own ice-cream so no weird stuff in there. Also we have over 30 flavor flavs, including the usual plus Maccha, London Fog, Chai, Cookie Dough, Hedgehog, slated caramel, white chocolate and Espresso (with an actual shot of Espresso in it!)




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