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Looking to try some new games and possibly meet some new people to play with as well. Now we’ll be running a monthly Game School, hosted by one of our Game Experts who will be a fountain of knowledge and help as you play the game. Here is the line-up for 2015 so far:

  • Tile Placement – Carcassonne  (Monday, Feb 16th @7pm)
  • Worker Placement – Lords of Waterdeep (Monday, March 16th@7pm)
  • Co-operative – Pandemic, Forbidden Desert (Monday April 20th @7pm)
  • Economics, Action Selection – Railroad Tycoon (Monday, May 18th @7pm)
  • Race / Physical – Pitch Car, Bausack (TBD)
  • Conflict – Small World (TBD)
  • Big Fat Eurogame – Puerto Rico (TBD)

Each session would be 2-3 hours with two tables:

  • Explain the main mechanic for the week
  • talk about the history of the game
  • how to play
  • discussion about the game
  • play a second/third time
  • recommend/try similar games

It’ll include a handout with some help and blurb about the game.

Important stuff:

  • The cost will be $10 per person, but this will include the $5 stay and play fee.
  • Spaces are limited to 10 people per session for the moment.
  • Please call the store to reserve your space: 250 480-3979

Even if you know the game, but want to meet some new people you are welcome to come along…

…and afterwards, maybe you can even wear one of these 😉


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