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Coming to the cafe in a big group? No idea of what to play and don’t want to end up playing Cards Against Humanity or the Resistence again? Well here is a list of great games that will play upwards of 8 and rated by difficulty to get going with. I’ve ignored some of the more popyular games such as Dixit, Concept and Avalon as they are already fairly well known.

Difiiculty Rating (DR):

1 – Two minutes to read the rules and get going
3 – This may take 10 mins of rules reading to get going with
5 – Best to have already read the rules at home before you get here

Cash and Guns

(4-8 Players, DR = 3)

cash and guns

Its a Mexican Standoff. A bunch of loot is in the middle of the table and everyone is going to point guns at each other to try and get them to back down. You can’t load your gun with a bullet every time though. The question is, who’s bluffing?


(3-13 Players, DR = 3)


You are laying tunnel cards trying to find a route to the gold as a team, but some of you are trying to prevent it. But who? Be too obvious and everyone will bust your stuff to hinder your turns, subtlety is the key.

Time’s Up

(4-9 Players, DR = 2)


Try to get your team mates to name the person on the card, then do it again with one word, then just acting. The names are always the same every round, but the means of communicating change.

Walking Dead Card Game

(3-10 Players, DR = 2)


Simultaneous play makes this game great, plus only 15 mins long. You are laying number cards to try and not put the 6th card in the row and take points. 10 rounds. No, its not very walking dead ish, but still very good.

Good Cop Bad Cop

(3-8 Players, DR = 2)


You are secretly a Good or Bad Cop. One team member is the FBI dude or the Kingpin. If that person is shot your team loses. You slowly deduce who is who by revealing their Good/Bad Cop cards in front of them, however everyone has three, so just because their first revealed card is good doesn’t mean the other two arn’t bad…

Bang the Dice Game

(3-8 Players, DR = 2)


Similar idea to Good Cop Bad Cop, but your actions are determined by dice. The game play is more streamlined than the card version and it only takes 30 mins.

Space Cadets Dice Duel

(4-8 Players, DR = 5)


2 Space ships battle to the death. Two teams. Each one has a captain who assigns limited action dice to the different stations on the ship that control guns/movement/shields etc… You have to work as a team to fight the other ship and the captain has to decide who gets what and when. Its involves a lot of people shouting.

Wits and Wagers

(4-20 Players, DR = 1)


Ask a question that involves a number answer. We all give our guesses, then bet on each others answers getting paid out for whichever was closest.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

(3-10 Players,DR = 2)

one night

Everyone gets a role which enables a bit of information then we try and figure out who the werewolf is. One guess. Get it right you win, get it wrong the werewolf does. 10 mins a round = awesome.


(3-8 Players, DR = 2)


See review here.

I Hate Zombies

(3-13 Players, DR = 1)


Half of your are human the other half are Zombies. Play Rock/Paper/Scissors to fight each other. The humans all have special powers though. Keep going to You’ve killed all the Zombies or all the humans have been turned. You’ll never play more RPS in the space of 10 mins in your life.

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