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Interactivity Board Game Cafe’s Game of the year 2014 is here! At the Cafe we play a lot of games and between Staff and Game Teachers we were able to poll 17 ‘experts’ to vote on the best games of last year and here are the results:

1. Splendor
2. Camel Up
3. Red 7
     Colt Express
     Sheriff of Nottingham
8.Tragedy Looper
10.Dead of Winter
     Star Realms

The surprise was probably Tragedy Looper, by far the most brain twistingly/meltery game of the year, but those who played it and retained their sanity loved it. Red 7 which only came out mid-December was the small boxed hit of the year, if you haven’t tried it yet, its a must! Let’s hope 2015 is as great.

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