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Here they are, our predictions for this year’s game of the year. Its not as clear cut as last year (when Codenames won), but still a very strong year overall.

Sushi Go Party

Lots of variety and replay value, simple rules and great art. All the things that the SDJ judges love, this one has to be a favorite. Odds 2/1


Bruno Cathala has been making games for years, but never won the SDJ. Like any award, judges like to recognize the old timers. This game stands on its own merits though. A twist on dominoes with a brilliantly simple auction mechanic, its become a teaching staple here at the cafe. Odds 3/1

Costa Rica

Great little push your luck game that may be hurt by its old school graphic design. Traditionally they do like to nominate a game that looks like crap somewhere on the list. Odds 16/1

Junk Art

A dexterity game that uses the blocks to make 12 mini games similar to Bandu. Incredible production values and the theme kind of makes sense. It is very pricy, which may hurt it as they want to get it into the hands of everyday families. Odds 8/1

Potion Explosion

Production values gone to 11 again. Blatantly ripping off the Candy Crush game and sticking it in the Harry Potter world. You pluck marbles from the tray and if colours clash you take them and use them to make spells. Easy, a gimmick but replay may be limited. Odds 10/1

Flamme Rouge

A bike racing game, which takes the drafting (as in drafting behind a car, not a deck of cards) concept used in Thunder Alley (NASCAR game) and simplifies it to pelaton racing. Exciting and original for a SDJ, it has a shot, but may be just a little complex. Odds 16/1

Fabled Fruit

This one takes the legacy game concept and makes it colourful, family friendly and able to be played multiple times. From a distance it has similarities to Sushi Go Party!, so only one will likely be picked. Its by Friedemann Friese, another old timer who has never won, which could give it an edge. Odds 6/1

Cottage Garden

The 4 player version of Patchwork. Its up there in complexity for a SDJ, but a nice brain cruncher that appeals to peoples love of puzzley games. It’s a long shot. Odds 32/1


IBGC Predictions for the nominees:

Fabled Fruit (I should go with Sushi Go Party, but my gut says this one)
Costa Rica


Fabled Fruit

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