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Its a weird year for this category (the connoisseurs game i.e. a bit more complex than family games). Legacy style games get the nod for the first time. Both TIME Stories and Pandemic Legacy are one time through games and then you are finished with it. Isle of Skye is a more traditional game, but a very good one at that. Who do I think will win, find out later…?

Isle of Skye

isle of sksye

The IBGC staff LOVED this one. Its a really solid Euro style game that plays well from 2-5 and offers a bunch of tough decisions bashed into a 45-60 minute game.

Pandemic Legacy


The #1 rated board game in the universe, its rise has been bonkers and the reception amazing. You play Pandemic until the games tells you to stop playing it like you used to and then all kinds of crazy stuff happens that I can’t tell you. You do get on average, 18 plays out of this game before its done and  then you can frame the board posterity sake. Season Two is coming soon…

T.I.M.E Stories


Go back in time to try and solve a mystery. You have 30 time points to spend to figure it out before you are whisked away and have to try again. Its very unique and original (A decksploration game), the base mystery usually takes about 4 plays to crack and is an extremely satisfying experience. 3 more stories are now available as well which are just the cards you need for a new adventure.

Recommended Games

These games can’t win, but the judges thought they were dope, so gave them a little nod of love!

7 Wonders Duel


7 Wonders was a pretty bad two player game, this one is really good though. Its been on the table a lot at the cafe and offers a lot of replay and strategies for such a little game. Strongly recommended for two player fans.

Blood Rage


Whaaaaaaat, this game has tonnes of over-produced miniatures, those games never get a SDJ mention. Well, don’t let the minatures fool you, this is a Euro game at its heart, with card drafting and area control the main mechanics. Its a good game, just don’t expect any dice rolling.



Same guy who made Isle of Skye did this one too (he also won the KSJ last year with Broom Service as well!). Its the heaviest of all the games. It’s a very well designed game that some say lacks a little theme, but if you like your games with lots of decisions and low luck, it’ll be right up your alley.


IBGC’s Prediction: Pandemic Legacy. The fact you play this game at least 12-24 times (replay-ability is a factor in deciding the winner) and it creates such a strong group experience that sticks with you will give it the nod over Isle of Skye.

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