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A lot of people ask about whether we carry Murder Mystery games. We don’t, but we do recommend a local fella in town who runs them for you. Like modern games, Murder Mysteries have come a long way since the days of a few envelopes and ‘find the killer.’ Nowadays, you’ll be given a full role, with a background, secrets and even special powers you can use during the game. You’ll be given 4 or 5 tasks to complete in order to get your own personal victory.


I participated in one a couple of months ago, we had about 20 people and it had a 1920’s speakeasy theme. We all got dressed up, 20’s style, and rented the upper section of The Guild on Wharf Street.

I was the city Mayor, with ambitions to run for President. However, I had a drinking problem and in order to fund my illicit boozing I had sold my wife’s engagement ring. I was also having an affair with a local singer as well. My tasks were to:

  • get drunk (in the game), but not so drunk I embarrassed myself (I also tried to do that in real life as well)
  • find out who had fixed the horse race and bet on that to get money to buy my wife’s ring back
  • Not let anyone find out about my affair
  • Help the detective find the murderer.

So a lot to do in 3 hours, keeps you very busy with little downtime, but lots of laughs and play acting. People will approach you with strange requests as they try to complete their tasks…I had three ladies break into dance in front of me to try and impress me with their Charleston skills.


The cost is very reasonable,  usually this works out to about $20-30 a head, which includes helping to find and rent the venue, all the preparation (which is substantial), some food at our event,  and not having to deal with the headache of running the dam thing and being free to have fun on the night.


If this looks like an advert, it is. We are not taking any commission here though. Chris, who runs this is a local guy who has been a vibrant member of the local gaming scene (he runs Day of Board Gaming and the Board Game Jam) and has struck out on his own to do this full time. We want him to succeed as its just another great way to bring people together to have fun. If you are interested, please email him at

or visit for more data.

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