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This is basically an industry only trade show in Las Vegas. A bunch of networking and stuff happens, but we don’t care about that, just show me the games…

7 Wonders: Duel, A two player version of the game, very little info has been released about the game other than it involves tiles instead of cards and will be out later in the year.


Munchkin – The Nightmare Before Christmas, people love Munchkin and they love TNBC, it will be a mega hit I’m sure.

Fantasy Flight have had their licence extended to include the new Star Wars films, so future expansions of their games will include ships from the new JJ Abrams movies.
Warhammer 40K Forbidden Stars is their new mega game. Usual mini’s, 3 hour game play, with a combat system that borrows a couple of ideas from the one they used in their Starcraft game with a lot of knobs and bells added. Early reviews are very positive (if you are into 3 hour FF games).


IDW will be releasing a bunch of Godfather games
The first game will be a deductive party card game, similar to Werewolf or Mafia, due in August.
The second game will be an area control game.

Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 has been on its way for what seems forever, but finally should be out very soon. Its pretty much what it looks like, chopsticks flying everywhere trying to grab stuff from a bowl. Looks like IBGC gold to me 🙂


Snow tails is to be re-released. Its the best racing game ever IMO (see previous review)

Pingo Pingo looks very interesting. It has has you running away from bear-riding penguins and consulting monkey sorcerers while collecting treasures. It comes with a 15 minute soundtrack and a gun that fires suction cup bullets…B.O.O.M! (finishes post, drops computer and leaves the room, you know like cool people do when they do cool things).



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