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Warning, this post contains some rude stuff. Christmas is around the corner and everyone likes to have a glass of sherry and get a bit silly with a game. I know Cards against Humanity exists, but so do you, so here are some alternatives. Isn’t it amazing how predominant black and white features in these games???

Crabs Adjust Humidity


Its Cards Against Humanity, but with new all new cards (an unofficial expansion, which when you buy the omniclaw pack, just happens to have enough cards to be a CaH base set!)

Personally Incorrect


Its almost Cards Against Humanity, but you will insert a person at the tables name into the question…to make it personal!



From their hands 2 players will take a character and an attribute and then argue why their dude would win the fight. Others vote on who they think should win. There are also four alternate ways to play included. Expansions galore, an R-Rated deck, Anime deck, Walking Dead deck, Geek deck plus a bunch of others.

Moral Dilemma


This game is more a discussion tool, one person reads the card, votes and then everyone else discusses and votes. See if the original person agreed with the majority or is to be a social outcast.

Snake Oil


You take turns being a character (cheerleader, football player, rock star etc…), everyone else takes two item cards and puts them together to make a product which they then pitch to you with a 30 second spiel. The character picks the one they like the best.



Similar to Snake Oil, except you are applying for a job and create a set of 4 qualifications you need to justify as useful things with which to get the job in a 30 second interview.

Telestrations/Telestrations After Dark


Its a posh version of the ‘Telephone Game.’ Everyone gets a phrase/word, draws it in 60 seconds, passes it to the next player who guesses the word and passes it on to be drawn again. See what the result is.

Telestrations after Dark is the same with rude words.



Each player draws a card in turn with a symbol and word (e.g. colour, fish, street name), as soon as two symbols match at the table, the two players involved must say something from the other persons card (e.g. fish would be salmon, colour would be red). First to say it gets the other persons card. Funny because thinking fastunder pressure makes your brain go #@#%#^@$!!!

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