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Imagine – Concept crossed with Gloom, as you use transparent cards to help people figure out the word/phrase you are trying to get them to guess, see here for an overview:

Munchkin Marvel – Its Munchkin plus Marvel. A match made in Heaven? I think so. We may lose half the World’s rain forest trying to make enough copies of this one.


Stone Age Junior – now this is not one that I expected to happen, still its nice that they are focusing a little more on kids games. However, in my humble opinion, the best kids games are the ones that were intended as a kids game from the start, rather than trying to force a known title into something easy for young people.

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Legendary: Firefly – per episode, has any show had more impact on Geek culture? This looks fun. If you haven’t tried the Legendary deck building system and like the show, I strongly recommend the game.


Deadpool Board game – Upper Deck, generally make good games, so I have total faith(ish)…


Agricola: Regular, Family and Deluxe edition – after the current print runs, the game will be getting a make over. Regular base game will be 1-4 players (its 1-5 at the moment) with one set of cards selected from the current 1000+ available, with a 5-6 player expansion available. A cheaper family version without the cards will also be released (pictured). A 10 year anniversary (10 YEARS!!! ALREADY!!) edition with 1000+ cards is also being planned.


Star Trek-apalooza – Star Trek Panic is first up, followed by Star Trek: Frontiers, a re-skin on Vlaada Chvatil’s Mage Knight.


Onitamia – Finally,  for the abstract 2 player fans, this little Japanese game looks like an absolute beauty!


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