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Yay, competition. Its all very friendly though. Don’t be scared, this is all very relaxed. Its about playing games you love with other people who love that game. Sign up is encouraged so we know how much space we need to set aside and how many copies of the game we need to rustle up but you are welcome to just come down and drop in to play. We almost always have space. Entry fee is $10 to all tournaments, but that includes your stay and play fee. A prize will be handed the the winniest player 🙂

Monday January 26th @ 7pm – Camel Up (no experience required)

Tuesday January 27th @ 6.30pm – Netrunner (Store Championship)

Monday February 23rd @ 7pm – Galaxy Trucker

Monday March 23rd @6.30pm – Dice Games (no experience necessary)

Monday April 27th @7pm – Carcassonne

Monday May 25th @6.30pm – Puerto Rico CANCELED

Monday June 22nd – TBD

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