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Interactivity Board Game Cafe has been way more successful than we ever expected it to be when we started up 5 years ago. Other Board Game Cafe’s are opening new branches, franchising etc.. That’s not really a thing we are interested in. We want to focus our energy on giving back to this city and to try to create a culture of gaming.

Before I moved to Victoria 12 years a go I was a teacher in the UK and I would love to bring that experience as well as my knowledge of board games to families in this lovely city.

IBGC want lots of young people playing games. Technology is a part of our lives, kids will play video games, use tablets and watch TV. Trying to prevent that is like trying to stop the tide coming in with your hands. There is space in this world for them to play board and card games as well though. The sooner we can introduce them and their parents to them the better the chance they will continue to make it a part of their lives.

Screens are passive and require very little work to engage with, which is a part of their popularity. Board games on the other hand do require some effort, we have to figure out which ones to get, learn the rules and set them up. This is the primary barrier to entry for most families and kids.

The more we learn the rules and how to play games, the easier it gets and the cognitive and social benefits are huge and even more important, they are really, really fun. Additionally they also provide quality, distraction free time with family and friends. If this is something that interests you, we are here to help in any way we can. We are happy to:

  • Run game nights after school, similar to movie nights that PACs put on. All we require is a space (usually the gym), tables, chairs and some volunteers to help set it up. The PAC is welcome to sell food and drink. We will provide the games and teachers at no charge.
  • Help set up a game club in your school. We can suggest appropriate games and provide them at a steep discount.
  • Teachers and administrators who want to introduce games and gaming into the new curriculum are welcome to contact us. Teachers have a lot more flexibility in school and modern board games offer a huge potential for learning, especially fun learning.
  • Come in to your class/es and run some fun gaming events (minimum grade 4 and up for this).
  • Bring a class down to the cafe for a field trip (we charge $2.50 per kid, adult help don’t pay).
  • Anything else you have dreamed up and would like to chat with us about.

This is not a money making exercise and we will not charge for any of our time (within reason). We do have a limited number of available hours, so depending on demand we may not be able to fit everything in at once. At this time we will limit ourselves to just SD61.

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